Dry-lining / Plasterboarding

We can plasterboard walls and ceilings or simply a small area as part of a plaster repair. As an alternative to traditional sand and cement or wet plaster finish, dry lining is simple and effective technique for lining to brick, block and concrete walls.

With a variety of different plasterboard types, drywall systems can provide moisture, acoustics and fire protection.

Dry lining can be taped and jointed using special scrim/paper tape or alternatively, can be skim coated with a thin coat plaster finish, to provide a surface finish ready for decoration.

Dot and dabbing
Dot & dab is the specialty of applying plasterboard to brick walls by using a special bonding compound that sticks the plasterboard to the wall. The bonding compound is applied to the wall in ‘dabs’ that look like dots in which the plasterboard is applied over the top of the dabs ready to be either skimmed or joint taped.

Over boarding
If you are looking to change your textured ceiling to a flat surface then over boarding can be ideal for the majority of cases.

This method involves less time and mess than completely replacing a ceiling. Furthermore it can increase the sound proofing and insulation values of your room and provide better safety from fire.

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